SIAP Solutions assisting the Liberal Party Headquarters in the Philippines in planning their strategy. The workshop took place in Antipolo City, on September 27-28 2014. The Party Headquarters (LP HQ) vows to be more accessible to its members to expand their outreach before election 2016. Among the participants were Congressmen, headquarters staff and local leaders of the […]

Personalized coaching programs offered by SIAP Solutions allow leaders of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty to prepare for their new management and leadership positions. As leaders in FNF are posted across countries and continents, intercultural sensitivity plays role as key factor to develop effective communication between leaders and their staffs. SIAP Solutions understands that […]

In January 2015, during Asia Liberty Forum in Kathmandu, Nepal, our Managing Director Mr Rainer Heufers gave a speech on Free Market Environmentalism. The speech addressed that neither a logging moratorium nor large development funds have prevented rapid deforestation in Indonesia. Instead, public policies must set the right incentives for people to value and protect their forests. […]

During the inaugural Nepal Economic Summit in Kathmandu in 2014, SIAP Solutions’ Managing Director Rainer Heufers presented 10 lessons from Southeast Asia for the intended economic reforms in Nepal. Lessons referred to the unproductive garment industry in Indonesia, the agricultural sector and tourism industries in Southeast Asia, failed rice subsidies in Thailand, as well as […]

SIAP Solutions’ Managing Director Rainer Heufers co-facilitated 2 workshops on climate change and resource management at the International Academy for Leadership (IAF) in Gummersbach, Germany in 2012 and 2013. Based on the discussions with the participants, Heufers co-authored a paper on liberal approaches to climate change together with international expert and facilitator Dr. Stefan Melnik. […]

The Atlas Network comprises of 478 member think tanks in 85 countries. Its Atlas Leadership Academy runs a broad range of skill development programs with the annual Think Tank MBA as the “most rigorous training ”. “It is a 10-day intensive training course that focuses on strategic planning and communications. Only the most promising leaders […]