By September 2014, SIAP Solutions has certified up to six batches of Telkom managers in Indonesia. Together with Telkom Professional Certification Center we customize our KAM course for Telkom to enhance their skills in their daily business activities. Around 100 Telkom managers have now obtained their international certification through our program.

ANZ is the fourth largest bank in Australia with thousands of employees throughout the globe. SIAP Solutions in cooperation with Deakin Prime that is a registered training organization for corporate and financial industry in Australia have been providing leadership trainings for ANZ staffs. SIAP Solutions is assisting the leader-level participants in this training to develop […]

SFM focuses on enabling financial literacy and education through games and programs. It is widely recognised as the leader in financial education in Indonesia. SIAP Solutions delivered three consultation sessions for the SFM leadership. The sessions provided the company with a corporate strategy, a work plan, and the organizational structure that enables the achievement of […]

Seaoil is the leading and largest independent fuel company in the Philippines and it continues to expand its network to provide quality and affordable products to more Filipinos. During this process, the Seaoil leadership faces complex challenges that need to be addressed using strategic thinking skills of its senior managers.SIAP Solutions delivered a strategy development […]