Asia/Pacific and the World

SIAP Solutions operates from our main office in Singapore. Our Representative Office in Jakarta reaches out to our Indonesian clients. While our core expertise lies in Asia/Pacific, we have also been serving clients on other continents, in Germany, USA, Bulgaria, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, etc.

Politics and the Economy

In SIAP Solutions we regard both, public policy making and the economy, as driven by the same principles of human motivation and interaction. Both spheres require skilled and responsible managers and the best incentives to make them pursue their personal interests for the greater benefit of others. In line with this philosophy, all our staff have been working in corporate and public policy affairs and our product portfolio targets corporate as well as public policy leaders.

The Market

As part of our international business advisory services, we offer market risk analysis for international investors. We also analyze the impact of certain public policies on market and investment opportunities.


Prior to any program we spend extensive efforts to clarify your specific demand. We ensure that every one of our programs is tailor-made to your specific requests and to your particular objectives.